Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Tony Corbitt

Tony is a self-taught artist working and living along the French Broad River in West Asheville. His work is grounded in sound draftsmanship, utilizing bravura brushwork in watercolor and oil paint. He prefers to work from life, exploring the natural world with sympathy and curiosity.
“Painting from life is challenging and often unforgiving, but the personal connection it endows a painting is invaluable.” – TC His work can be found at the Gallery of the Mountains in Asheville and numerous private collections across the U.S.

Title:  “Blinky – 1979”

Size:  84” X 65″


This is a portrait of Lakeland’s most famous and memorable mascot: Blinky the Alligator. My mom used to tell me stories of Blinky and his public displays around Lake Mirror during the late 70’s. This is my tribute to the one-eyed, friendly monster.

Title:  “The Official Pace Car of Selph Road – 2000-2004”

Size:  110” X 84″


My memories of Lakeland from 2000-2004 are felt most fondly when punctuated by the burble of the twin exhaust of my 1967 Mustang Fastback. This is my portrait of her beautiful lines and a memorial to her service.