Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Tinia Clark

I paint and think abstractly, I enjoy the process of layering and seeking harmony and balance in my work. I am fulfilled by sharing art with others as well as making art with others. I spend my time as a volunteer/ facilitator and Executive Director of Sidestreet Art Beat Inc. a non-profit organization located in downtown Winter Haven that encourages and creates art making opportunities and engagement for individuals with various challenges, special needs as well as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I belive in the power of art and that it changes people and that people can change the world in which we live through art.

Title:  “Happy Place”

Size:  84″ X 110″


To give the viewer something that is about nothing but color and line. I want to elicit joy in the absence of imagery, to give the minds eye a break among the chaos of life.