Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Roderic Brame

Roderic Brame, PhD – My art revolves around STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and always involves perspective and visually challenging aspects. I love using of bright colors and applying them in alternative aspects like the colors of the ocean in the sky and colors of the sky in the ocean. Many pieces have been submitted to art calls and have been finalists, several STEAM posters have been produced for education, others have been donated to benefit non-profits. I am honored to be part of the Working Artist Gallery.

Title:  “Octopus’ Garden in the Ancient Sea”

Size:  105″ X 110″


Octopus’ Garden in the Ancient Sea – A bright and colorful depiction of the Earth and sea creatures from 5-6 million years ago, the same age rocks mined for phosphate in Polk County. Everything was big then; Megalodon, Sea Turtle, Pectens, Giant Blue-Eyed Clam, and my dream of painting a Giant Purple Octopus.