Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Meredith Pope

Meredith Pope is from Lakeland and studied art at Harrison School for the Arts, Polk State College, and the University of South Florida, where she majored in sculpture. She also holds a masters in business administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport. Her work has won awards from the Ridge Art Association in Winter Haven, and Arts on the Park in Lakeland. She has painted and/or refurbished swan statues in the city’s “Swansation” exhibition and butterflies in the city’s “Kaleidoscope” project. She recently worked with David Collins as co-creator of “Clearly People,” an outdoor figurative sculpture project. Pope works across multiple media, and is currently dabbling in polymer clay jewelry.

Title:  “Patterns of Thought”

Size:  110″ X 128″


The mandala in this piece represents repetitive thought patterns, but in this case, the bright colors and her peaceful expression make them happy and creative. Tiffany blue is the favorite color of the model, Mercede Colon, so I used it as the element tying the thoughts together as they move through the color spectrum.