Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Joclyn Emerson

Emerging artist, Joclyn Emerson, is best known for her whimsical acrylic paintings of animals and nature. Her work “The Telling of the Bees,” is a great marriage of her passion for the environment, culture and painting.
A graduate of USF with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts, Joclyn’s work was impacted by the artwork of her USF professor, Elisabeth Condon. She found inspiration in Condon’s paint pours, her use of color and her landscapes.
Joclyn’s different techniques include pouring abstract backgrounds and painting from photographs. She is influenced by her life in a charmingly quaint farming community.

Title:  “The Telling of the Bees”

Size:  161″ X 65″


Emerson’s piece is inspired by the nostalgia of an old custom dictating beekeepers tell their hives of major life events, or risk honey production. The relationship between bees and humans has changed from one based on love and ritual, to one centered around production and exploitation.