Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Holly Scoggins

Holly Ann Scoggins is a North Carolina native born and raised in a small abandoned Cotton mill town. Scoggins recent body of work is inspired by the captivating beauty of a distant fire and much in line with poet William Blakes “ Songs of Innocence and Experience” These works present an amalgamation of aesthetic beauty with a perilous undercurrent. These derivative painting are created by superimposing vintage photographs into images of current events,destinations, and natural disasters. They juxtapose the innocent, idyllic world of youth against the reality of our current setting. Two different perspectives in one image seek to find a common thread of innocence and experience through paint. Scoggins is currently Visual Arts Program coordinator and Professor of Art at Polk State College

Title:  “Innocence & Experience”

Size: 110″ X 105″


Inspired by the birth of my son and William Blake’s “songs of innocence and experience”, this mural confronts us with the reality of raising children in our current world climate. The innocence of a child’s playtime is overlaid with an alluring and foreboding image of a lighting storm.