Tapestries Lakeland

Emerging Artist

Emma Vasquez

I am a passionate artist and writer. I am constantly learning more about the world, and myself. Two of the most important things to me are nature, and art. I like to create art in everything I do, and try to find it in my daily life. My favorite medium is acrylic, but I like experimenting with different textures and colors. My favorite style of art is surrealism. I like to let my pieces speak for themselves, and let the viewer put their own meaning to them. I believe by interpreting art, a viewer can express feelings that are hard to put into words. To me, a successful piece, is one that no one understands in the same way. As an artist, I strive for improvement, and I am constantly trying to express my mind in new and creative ways.

Title:  “Hannah”

Size:  96″ X 65″


I think we underestimate children’s understanding of the world. They view life in its purest form. We complicate ourselves worrying about little things. Children can remind us of the true essence of life; and their perception of the world can help us be better people. I wanted to create a piece to honor children, and their ever growing minds.