Tapestries Lakeland

Professional Artist

Betsy Bohrer

I am local Lakeland Artist, Betsy Bohrer. I’ve been a self-employed working artist for nearly 30 years. For the first 20+ years of my career as an artist, I mainly exhibited my original mixed medium paintings within the street art festival markets like Mayfaire, but also spanned across the Nation from NYC to the Keys, Washington DC to out West. Currently, I am the producer & curator of “Fine Art at the Magnolia” Fine Art Show and Scholarship, held annually at the Magnolia Building in downtown Lakeland. And “4 Squared Makers” a series of small works art shows held monthly featuring emerging and artists of all levels.

Down for repairs

The Tapestry was severely damaged after installation and was taken down for repairs.  It will not be exhibited outside again.  When repaired It will be displayed inside.  The location has not been determined.

In the meantime, Betsy Boher has been commissioned to create an entirely new tapestry that will go up in it’s place.  Expect to see it at the first of the new year.

Title:  “Bee Friendly”

Size:  110″ X 105″


In promotion of conservation efforts to help preserve healthy honey bee and other pollination populations whose survival is directly linked to our own.