Tapestries Lakeland

Student Artist

Harrison School for the Arts

Allicia Hollingsworth

Allicia Hollingsworth is an artist from Lakeland Florida. She is 17 and is a senior at the Harrison School for the Visual and Performing Arts, and is a member of the Visual Arts Department.

The location where this tapestry will hang is currently being resurfaced and painted.  We hope to install the tapestry in the next couple of weeks.

Title:  “Funky Robot Man”

Size:  65″ X 62″


I was inspired by robots because I personally think robots are cool and I wanted to draw one. I chose to do this piece because I personally like robots and wanted to incorporate one into my design. I chose the colors grey, blue, white, and red because they pop and would draw attention to the drawing while also not drawing away from the design.