“Lakeland – Tapestries, an Un Mural Art Exhibition”

For me, it’s always about, what’s next

I love public art.  I’ve done lots of things, but the things I enjoyed the most were creating 3D anamorphic chalk art on Lakeland streets, painting a 18 foot tall giraffe on a tree in Munn Park and collaborating with Meredith Pope to create “Clearly People”, a packaging tape sculpture exhibit which was seen for six months all over downtown.  But, enough about the past . . .

“Tapestries – Lakeland an Un-Mural Art Exhibition”, is What’s Next.  Lakeland artists will paint sixty(60) Un-murals that will be exhibited on buildings in Lakeland

Tapestries – Lakeland is organized by “The Working Artist Studio and Gallery”, the exhibition aims at promoting quality works of Street Art in Lakeland Florida and enhancing the value of three urban areas.  The sixty(60) Un-Murals will be exhibited on buildings in Dixieland, Downtown and Midtown.

The Sixty canvas tapestries have been sealed, primed and top coated with toned exterior acrylic paint.  Artists will use exterior acrylic paints so they can be exhibited outside for the year.


Several artists have been invited to create the first twenty Un-Murals.  A competition will commission an additional twenty artists to paint twenty more Un-Murals.  Artists will be paid $10.00 per sq. ft., with canvas tapestry and approved paint provided.  In total, 2840 sq. ft of Un-Murals will be commissioned for $28,480.00.

Twenty more artists can apply to participate but will not receive a commission.  Applicants pay $150.00 for materials and installation.  Harrison School for the Arts is sponsoring several students.

All artwork must fit harmoniously into the urban environment of Lakeland and be politically and ideologically neutral. Tapestries are 6’x6’, 6’x8’, 8’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x12’ and 6’x15’, prior to hemming, they finish smaller.  We Dexter-ed the WA gallery to provide artists a place to paint.

The current budget estimate for the project is $50,000.00.  $25,000.00 of which has been committed by The Lakeland CRA – Community Redevelopment Agency, the Lakeland DDA – Downtown Development Authority and the Citrus Connection, $25,000.00 is still needed.  We are working to secure the majority of necessary funds from corporate sponsorship but have provided a crowdfunding platform for art lovers in general to contribute.

The portable “Un-Mural Art Exhibition” is a new paradigm.  The obvious advantage is, that property owners, institutions, businesses and government are more apt to allow a portable un-mural they have seen to be attached to their property.  As opposed to allowing an unknown permanent mural to be painted on their wall.  An easier way to have more art.

Tapestries are attached using hardware approved by building owners, according to engineered fastener specifications based on tapestry size and the substrate onto which it is installed.

“Tapestries – Lakeland” will debut at an artist reception on November 02, 2018 and then be installed during the following weeks.