Bridges and flowers

Bridge over Parkway

One of the most distinctive features of the Blue Ridge Parkway are its stone bridges. This one(there are 168) allows the parkway to cross under another road.  All of the overpasses except one are stone-faced arches.  The stone is from local quarries or stone was obtained on site from rocks cut during the construction. 11″ x 14″.

Native Orange Azaela

Orange azaleas, really, I’ve never seen them in Florida but I’m not an azalea inspector.  They grow wild along the roadside on the parkway.  I was told that they are a wild variety not a hybrid some are darker orange, others more yellow.  The predominate color looks like orange sherbet.  The leaves are more like rhododendron they’re beautiful.  This is a small painting(8″ x 8″) but still took me over two hours.