“Before the Storm”

“Before the Storm”, Open Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 24″

I was at the Black Mountains overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, milepost 342.2.  My intention was to paint a sunset, so I set up around 5pm and started blocking in the shapes using darker than normal midtones anticipating sundown.  When plein air painting, I paint for three hours and stop.  Two hours in with storm clouds building it was obvious that a colorful sunset was not in the cards.  Oh well . . .

“From the Shade”

“Standing Tall”


“Standing Tall”, 12″ x 16″ Open Acrylic on Canvas

I was parked at the Buck Spring Gap overlook on the the Blue Ridge Parkway on Mount Pisgah.  The rains came and went, the clouds billowed and subsided, sheltered by the rear door I painted anyway.  It was a great day.