A View from Big Ridge Overlook


If your looking for color, it may be just around the next corner or not.  Depending on the direction that a ridge faces, its elevation, type of trees, rain fall and etc., the color comes and goes.  But, the color gets more intense every day.

Graveyard Fields from Black Balsam


It was a bright day despite the haze that spent the day with me while painting.  I finished as the clouds rolled in, it was a good day.  There are different theories as to why it is called “Graveyard Fields” but the one I like, is that after a fire some hundred years ago, that the burnt tree stumps on the barren meadow looked like grave stones.  It doesn’t look like a graveyard now, now it just looks beautiful.

Looking Glass Rock can be seen in the gap.  It by itself from a different overlook will be a future painting.

The leaves, they are a changing


The leaves are changing in high elevations.  The Mount Pisgah range is 4000 to 5000 ft.  Cool nights and sunny days work together to create the change.  It’s just the beginning, this week I’ll be painting at Graveyard Fields, the colors there are magnificent, so check it out in a few days.

Sunset on Mount Pisgah


It is always difficult to catch just the right day and time to paint a sunset.  Sometimes things are right, sometimes they’re not.  Don’t you just love it when it happens