Tapestries Lakeland

Student Artist

Florida Southern College

Ray Howington

I am 19 years old from Baltimore, Maryland, and a sophomore Studio Art major at Florida Southern College. As an artist, I have a distinct style but I feel as though it is still developing and changing as I continue to learn and experiment more. I do primarily painting and drawing, but I also have a strong, growing interest in 3D work. I like to experiment with color, perspective, and breaking down complex shapes into simpler organic ones in a way that is both pleasing and confusing to the eye. I feel as though there can be a strong pressure to create art that is conventionally pretty and makes people happy. But if art is an imitation of life, life is not always pretty or happy, but that’s not to say the things that aren’t are any less interesting.

Title:  “The Four Horsemen of a Lifetime of Dissatisfaction”

Size:  62″ X 65″


My initial goal was to display physical emotions relating to dissociation. I decided that rather than displaying my own experience, I would create a piece with somewhat of an ambiguous meaning. The viewer has the opportunity to decide what it means to them. I wanted to show emotions that many people are uncomfortable with, and hopefully get people in touch with feelings they internalize.