Tapestries Lakeland

Student Artist

Harrison School for the Arts

Millie Ortiz

Finding inspiration from what I see around me in my daily life, I notice the details in everything around me, taking cues from nature and architecture that lead me in my visual journey that translate into how I make my work. I am always striving to learn and make improvements, and to document the evolution of my work as I learn what works and what doesn’t.

Title:  “Guided by Her Own Hand”

Size:  65″ X 62″


The inspiration behind this painting came from observing the symbols of peace in my life, and it’s imagery emphasizes what I hope to attain for myself, trusting my intuition and being able to guide myself through difficult situations gracefully and peacefully interacting with those around me. I wanted to evoke feelings of trust and safety, inspiring others to find sensibility within themselves.