Tapestries Lakeland

Student Artist,

Florida Southern College

Casey O’Brien

I am a 21 year old artist from Jersey. My work is very much a reflection of my personality – happy, free-flowing, and bold. I love typography and intertwining letters with illustrations to create very graphic but relaxed compositions. I typically work digitally, but love working out of the computer and by hand. I would love to get into painting murals as I feel I could make my work so much more effective at a large scale, so this opportunity is exactly what I need to take my work towards larger scales.

Title:  “Have a Great Day”

Size:  84″ X 110″


I love making people happy and want to take a simple kind statement and paint it in a bold and expressive style that is complimented by free-flowing, detailed illustrations. The goal of this painting is for people to pass by and have a moment to stop and smile and hopefully that makes their day a little better.